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Who vets independent counter-terrorism trainers for local/state law enforcement?

apparently noone “The first inkling that something was amiss in the counterterrorism training given to local and federal law enforcement came in March. That’s when NPR reported on the cottage industry of independent counterterrorism trainers who signed up to teach … Continue reading

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“I told the guy, ‘Do you realize that Perry is trying to look like Ronald Reagan?” Towery, who is based in Atlanta, Ga, is a former national debate champion, and one-time debate coach for his former boss, Newt Gingrich. Sensitive … Continue reading

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Dispatch #16

An Unnoticed Result of the 2010 Elections   An article in the latest (Sept 12th 2011) issue of The Nation is worth summarizing and remembering.  Titled ‘Rural Rebellions’, it contains analysis of subtle but encouraging statistical  voting trends in rural … Continue reading

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Redistricting Hearing

Thanks to John Tehan for speaking up to retain our districts. Also, absolutely right…Sean Riley is doing a fantastic job in Sen. Moore’s office. Thank you again John for bringing that fact to everone’s attention.

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