Occupy Wall Street: note to rabble-rousers — try bullet points next time

courtesy of Alain Sherter at BNET.com

The NYT and other major media outlets are equally baffled, characterizing the movement as rudderless or downright loony. Even Mother Jones, the lefty pub named after a famous 19th century labor organizer, sniffs at what it describes as the demonstrators’ feckless “posturing.”

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Does our media, its fingers pressed as ever to the country’s pulse, really need such testimonies to draw a link between the harm inflicted on the U.S. economy by large financial firms, by the torrent of corporate dollars into our politics, and the economic fate of millions of Americans? Dumb question. Of course they don’t. Journalists (and even the odd financial pundit) understand such connections all too well. News Corp. (NWS), the company that made the Tea Party, has assigned an entire TV network to exploiting such public outrage.


Do you think this commenter believes the Tea Party is is a populist movement?  or is it just the Wall St Occupation that’s not populist.  Wonder how ‘he’ defines ‘populist’?
doesn’t seem to be using this definition:  ‘believer in the rights, wisdom, or virtues of the common people’ (http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/populist)

RE: RE: RE: Why ‘Occupy Wall Street’ Critics Are More Clueless Than the Protesters
@Alain Sherter
What seems obvious to fringe-hanging lunatics who actually sympathize with the few hundred ill-educated marchers who arrived in their week old laundry, assaulted police, and engaged in civil disobedience for its own sake, many of them having no idea what unifying theme even brought them together with their cohorts, is not always obvious to those looking in from the realm of reality/sanity. So perhaps you could help this clearly-enormous populist revolution articulate what exactly it means to “restrain corporate power”. Most often it means “trampling individual rights”, “confiscating wealth”, “destroying industry” and other policies that are generally unpalatable to the sane population, which is precisely why these “populist movements” refuse to articulate them.

09/29/2011 12:07 AM



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