Scott Brown’s Piece of Advice

Progress Mass has created a web video highlighting a real problem for Scott Brown: his allegiance to Mitt Romney as the economic savior of our nation! Watch it here:

Romney’s record as governor of Massachusetts leaves much to be desired, from his dismal 47th in the nation job creation numbers to the billions of dollars in “deferred maintenance” he had a hand in building, this state suffered when he was at the helm. If he is elected president, his announced economic agenda would reduce taxes on wealthy folks like himself by an average of $150,000.00 and wreak havoc in an already fragile situation.

If Scott Brown really thinks Willard Romney should be entrusted with economic decisions the rest of us will have to live with, then it’s truly time to send him a one-way ticket back to Wrentham.

Please make this video go viral – like it on Facebook, tweet bout it, email it to friends and family. Let’s get the word out there, and let’s win back that senate seat!

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