Warren wins the nomination at the Democratic State Convention!

I was the “greeter whip” for the Warren campaign for my senate district at yesterday’s convention – I greeted every delegate as they arrived and checked off their name on the list. I then coordinated with the “data whip”, who had an IPhone app that allowed him to update the Warren campaign database. The convention itself was great, with many state political luminaries addressing the crowd – Lt Governor Tim Murray got the crowd fired up for Governor Deval Patrick, who came out and hit a giant home run of a speech!

Finally it was time to hear from our Senate candidates. The Warren campaign showed a video montage of political pundits speaking about Elizabeth – Rachel Maddow, Joe Scarborough, and many more, they even included Jon Stewart’s hilarious “I want to make out with you” moment! Then Elizabeth came out and delivered a fiery address, hitting every major them of her campaign – you can be certain that Scott Brown is polishing his resume after that one! People were cheering madly and waving signs for her, you could tell she had absolutely massive support.

Marisa DeFranco came out next, and while her speech was fiery, you could see that she had very little support. Looking around, I could only count about 15 signs for her. The handwriting was on the wall.

The voting came next. Every delegate was called by name – each one cast his/her vote, each vote was repeated for everyone to hear and recorded. Out of 55 delegates in my district, 2 voted for DeFranco, the rest for Warren. I helped the data whip get the votes updated on his phone.

We had several more speeches after that, and a few resolutions were unanimously adopted. Party chair John Walsh then announced the vote total, and the place went nuts! Elizabeth came out and said a few words, thanking Marisa DeFranco for running a fine campaign and otherwise energizing raucous crowd. We stayed for her first impromptu press conference, then it was over.

Here’s a couple of pictures:




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