WaPo: The ‘rabid’ hate aimed at Trayvon Martin


if you follow any of the links, be prepared  . . . the ‘raunchy tweet’ from Todd McKinnon . . REALLY IS . . . and probably NSFW !

I’d missed this analysis of the bloodstains on George Zimmerman’s clothing

Of the 47 stains tested for the presence of blood on Zimmerman’s shirt and jacket, Trayvon was a “partial minor DNA profile” in one stain and a “possible contributor” in another. He was “excluded as a possible contributor” in a third. That’s just three stains out of 47.

“Unless Trayvon Martin was wearing gloves and a bonnet, it would normally be expected that there would be some evidence of him on the garment,” said Kendall Coffey, former U.S. attorney for the Southern District of Florida.”

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