Confirmed – it’s the Organization – NOT the boys – that Boy Scouts of America protects

Just like the Catholic Church protecting itself and not its juvenile parishoners

At the same time that their policy:

. . .  has remained adamant about excluding openly gay people from becoming members or scout leaders because officials say allowing gays would expose children to sexuality.

Their practices have protected pedophiles & the organization and left the kids (and their families) out in the cold:

Scouting officials helped cover up more than two decades of molestation from a leader who admitted to sexually assaulting children, according to a joint investigation by theLos Angeles Times and the Canadian Broadcasting Corp.

. . .

“We were following exactly the national recommendations of the Boy Scouts of America and its board who set up the rules,” said A. Buford Hill Jr., a former Orange County Scouting executive, in a recent interview. “You do not want to broadcast to the entire population that these things happen. You take care of it quietly and make sure it never happens again.”

except that it did

Turley is one of more than 5,000 suspected child molesters named in confidential files kept by the Boy Scouts of America. The documents — called the “perversion files” by the organization — include unsubstantiated tips as well as admissions of guilt.,0,207035.htmlstory

meanwhile, according to Wikipedia (

Litigation has challenged the granting of preferential or equal access of the Boy Scouts of America to governmental facilities and resources:

  • A US District Court’s ruling against the BSA on the favorable terms under which the City of San Diego leases public land to the local BSA Council was referred to the California Supreme Court by the Federal Appellate Court. See Barnes-Wallace v. Boy Scouts of America.
  • Philadelphia revoked the terms under which the City of Philadelphia leases public land to the BSA. The local BSA council sued the city over the breach of contract. See Cradle of Liberty Council v. City of Philadelphia.[54] The US District Court ruled June 2010 in favor of the Boy Scouts of America and that the city’s selective actions against the council were designed to impinge BSA’s First Amendment rights.[55][56] Under federal Civil Rights Law, the Cradle of Liberty Council Council is now also entitled to collect its legal costs (estimated at one million dollars) from the city’s unlawful action. As a result, the city and the Cradle of Liberty Council are engaged in negotiations to transfer the building from the city to the council in exchange for the council not collecting those legal costs from the city.[57]
  • In July 2003, the 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals upheld a decision by a U.S. District Judge that excluded the BSA from an annual workplace charitable campaign run by the state of Connecticut because of the BSA’s policy on homosexuals. In March 2004, the United States Supreme Court declined to review the case.[58]
  • In March 2006, the California Supreme Court ruled in Evans v. Berkeley that the City of Berkeley did not have to continue to provide free dock space to the Sea Scouts.[59] In October 2006, the United States Supreme Court declined to review Evans v. Berkeley.[60]
  • In September 2006, the Oregon Supreme Court ruled that recruiting by BSA in public schools did not violate the state’s nondiscrimination laws.[61]
  • The U.S. Army gives the BSA special access to a base, Fort A.P. Hill, for its national Scout jamboree and the U.S. Department of Defense spends approximately $2 million per year in taxpayer funds to assist the BSA in staging it. On April 4, 2007 the US Court of Appeals overturned a lower court ruling on the basis of a lack of standing to sue, thus allowing the 2010 and future Jamborees to go forward with continued DoD support (see Winkler v. Rumsfeld).[45][62]













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