Governor Patrick will visit Milford on Tuesday, 7/12

The Governor is on a listening tour of the Commonwealth, and he will be stopping in Milford thisTuesday, 7/12, at 6 PM.  The event will be held at Draper Park in Milford:

Click Here for a Google Map of Draper Park

We will get some private time with the governor beforehand, contact any member of the executive committee for the location of that event – see you there!

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44 Responses to Governor Patrick will visit Milford on Tuesday, 7/12

  1. Jim says:

    Will he comment on the Milford tragedy that may have been avoided if the Secure Communities initiative was followed? I mean this guy had been arrested in the past and no one bothered to report him to ICE.

    I am tired of my elected officials who have more concern for illegal immigrants than U.S. citizens who obey the law, pay taxes and care about our town, state and country. I am also one of those unerolled voters who will NOT vote for anyone who takes a stance like this Governor

    • John Tehan says:

      Jim, thanks for your comment. I understand what you are saying, but I have to argue that the fact that this man was undocumented has precious little to do with his drunken act of recklessness. Had you been there in July when the governor came to Milford, you would have heard his stance on secure communities firsthand, there were many people in the audience who had that as their number one issue. The governor said that we need to be able to engender trust within the immigrant community so that they will come forward when one of their own does something wrong, and adoption of the secure communities program would undermine that trust.

      Many, many police chiefs and law enforcement professionals agree with the governor's assessment – maybe you should reconsider your position.

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